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CHU de Nîmes

Group Nîmes

N° FINESS : 300780038

Department : Tumorothèque du CHU de Nîmes
Place du Professeur Robert Debré
30029 NIMES Cedex

>>3522 samples stored <<
 The Tumour Bank of the CHU of Nîmes

Tumour Bank of the CHU of Nîmes stores tumour samples for medical (i.e., diagnostic, prognostic or therapeutic) or research purposes.  It is located in the Laboratory of Anatomo-Pathology in dedicated and secure premises. 

The tumour specimens are prepared in the Laboratory of Anatomo-Pathology starting from fresh surgical samples, since the laboratory is situated close to the surgical theatre. The first stored samples are from 2005. The Tumour Bank houses also tumour specimens which have been removed in General Hospitals or prepared in private-sector Anatomo-Pathology laboratories of the Gard district. The specimens are characterised and then stored in liquid nitrogen.

The stored tumours are mainly:
Digestive tract cancers (colorectal or others)
Gynaecological and mammary tumours
ORL tumours
Urological tumours

Myeloproliferative syndrom

The Tumorotek software (developed by the Health Ministry) installed in July 2007 allows the management of all information concerning the frozen samples (healthy/tumour tissue couples, ADICAP* code, storage coordinates of the tube, patient...) as well as the derivative products which may be extracted (DNA and RNA).
The tumour bank is linked to the Molecular Biology infrastructure of the CHU of Nîmes where the nucleic acids extractions are carried out.
Requests of access to specimens for scientific purposes are submitted to the Steering Committee of the tumour bank for validation. Transfer can be in the form of frozen sections or of derivative products (DNA, RNA ...) and, if relevant, of tumour fragments.
Pr Pascal ROGER (Responsable de la Tumorothèque),
Pr Thierry LAVABRE-BERTRAND (Responsable de la Biothèque du CHU de Nîmes)
Nathalie ROLLAND (Ingénieur hospitalier)
Dr Jean-Baptiste GAILLARD (Responsable de la collection Génétique des Hémopathies)
* French Association for IT Development in Cyto- and Anatomo-Pathology
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Pascal ROGER
Tél :

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