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CHU de Montpellier

Group Montpellier

N° FINESS : 340780477

Department : Tumorothèque du CHU de Montpellier
80 rue Augustin Fiche
34295 MONTPELLIER Cedex 05

>>8180 samples stored <<
The Tumour Bank of the CHU of Montpellier

The tumour bank of the CHU of Montpellier has started in 2004. It benefits from the huge diversity of cancer pathologies treated at the CHU :
Colon cancers
Glial tumours
Soft tissue tumours

Moreover, a number of samples from specific tumour types are collected both for medical and scientific purposes:
A Scientific Committee has been put in place and one of its missions is management and development of the access to human bio-specimens for medical and scientific purposes. Since May 2008, the tumour bank is integrated into the Hospital Biological Collection Centre of Montpellier (CCBH-M), together with the collections of cells, biological fluids and genetic material. The CCBH-M is listed among the emerging infrastructures of the French network of Biological Resource Centres (CRB).
Specimens coming from surgical theatres are handled close-by in two processing units. Freezing is carried out in liquid nitrogen in well identified cryo-tubes that are stored in provisional containers. After histological characterisation and qualitative validation of the tumours, the samples of each site are transferred to the air-conditioned Central Storage Unit, in two secure and alarmed -140° freezers.

The procedures concerning each phase (freezing, quality control, consent collection, organisation of access to samples….) are operational since 2006. Technical data and traceability information for each specimen are collected using the « Tumorotek » software programme. Each sample receives an ADICAP* code and data are added from the medical record of the patient, which is accessible, under certain conditions, through the CHU network (APIX and MEDIWEB software programmes).
Coordinators: Valérie RIGAU
Frédérique Lorcy - Ingénieur Attachée de Recherche Clinique (IARC)
*French Association for IT Development in Cyto- and Anatomo-Pathology
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Frédérique LORCY

Valérie RIGAU
Tél : 04 67 33 79 32

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