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Group Montpellier

N° FINESS : 340000207

Department : Tumorothèque de l' Institut Val d'Aurelle
208 rue des Apothicaires, Parc Euromédecine
34298 MONTPELLIER Cedex 05

>>10010 samples stored <<
The Tumour Bank of ICM, Montpellier
The tumour bank of the Val d’Aurelle Cancer Centre exists since January 2000. Each year it is enriched by more than 600 tumour samples’ additions. Currently, it includes 27 000 specimens from 5000 tumours. It has a double mission, medical and scientific: it is both a clinical necessity for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic purposes and an essential resource for research programmes.
The tumour bank is run by the Pathology Unit. It benefits of a high performance, leading-edge technology - 80°C freezer. An electronic control system, which can be followed on computer, allows the continuous recording of its temperature. This freezer is coupled to a safety system based on an independent power engine. The cryo-preservation of the specimens follows the practical ANAES recommendations.
All samples benefit of computerised, retrievable histo-prognostic annotations thanks to the Tumorotek software programme. Clinical data about disease progression and treatment are available through the computerised medical record and are retrievable for a number of collections.
Its collections are representative of the patients followed by the institution:
Digestive tract tumours
But also
Reproductive tract tumours
Skin tumours
Connective tissue tumours

Other cancer types (lymphomas, kidney, thyroid tumours...) are systematically stored and can constitute a source of material accessible within the framework of multicentric research programmes. 
The tumour bank houses also tumour samples coming from patients treated by physicians working in private-sector practices.
The access to specimens for medical/scientific purposes can be in the form of cryo-preserved tumour sections or of derivative products (RNA and DNA).
The access to samples for a specific research programme needs the validation of the request by the scientific committee of the tumour bank.
Coordinator: Jean-Pierre BLEUSE

Blandine Massemin -Technicien Attachée de Recheche Clinique (TARC)
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