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CHU de Limoges

Group Limoges

N° FINESS : 870000015

Department : Tumorothèque du CHU de LImoges
2 avenue Martin-Luther-King
87042 LIMOGES Cedex

>>3343 samples stored <<
The Tumour Bank of the CHU of Limoges

The Tumour Bank of the Limousin region came intobeing in July 2001. Its development has been possible thanks to the support of the CHU Directorate, the Limousin ARH (Regional Agency of Hospitalisation) and the Limousin Strategic Committee for Cancer Research. It has benefited of national financial support following the project calls of the Health Ministry in 2002, 2003 and 2004, and then of the Health Ministry/National Institute of Cancer (INCa) in 2005. The financial subventions obtained have allowed refurbishment of secure premises, acquisition and maintenance of equipment, development of databases useful for sample annotation and recruitment of dedicated tumour bank staff.
The Tumour Bank has a double mission : a medical one as the specimens are used for diagnostic, prognostic or therapeutics purposes; and a research one by allowing access to the samples through a request procedure for scientific projects.
Since October 2006, a Molecular Oncology Unit is linked to the Tumour Bank. In this unit extraction of nucleic acids, quality control and PCR analyses are performed. As a consequence, this new infrastructure allows us to collect, store and assure the quality control of samples coming from healthcare facilities and of their derivative products. The different procedures comply with the ANAES (National Agency of Health Accreditation and Evaluation) recommendations.
The specimens from solid tumours are handled by the Pathology Laboratory and the samples of haematopoietic cancer cells by the Haematology Laboratory.
The main cancer collections include:
Lymphomas and leukaemia
Tumours of the central nervous system
Breast and gynaecologicaltumours
The access to specimens, or preferentially to derivative products, for research purposes is done through a request procedure in accordance with the INCa recommendations: opinion of the Clinical and Research Committee, collection of the non opposition forms and/or informed consent and, if relevant, drawing up of a convention with the applicant institution.
Coordinator : Professeur François Labrousse labrousse@unilim.fr
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Tél : 05-55-05-87-01
Fax : 05-55-05-87-27

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