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Information Organization

The GSO biobank website is organized as follows :
  • The header at the top of the page has access links to various functionalities such as 'Multicriteria-based search', 'ICD-Tree based search', and the Biobank.
  • The main contents of a given feature appear at the center of the page
  • A number of links in the footer allow the user to access various aspects of the website such as the site map, help and legal information.

Usability and Accessibility

The GSO Cancéropôle ( Cancer Consortium) would like this site to provide the best usability and accessibility for our existing information. Using Modul-Bio technology, we have used the following features in order to achieve this aim:
  • Color contrast to help in visibility
  • Intuitive page arrangement to achieve uniformity and seamlessness
  • Help is provided to guide the user with various operations
  • French and English versions available for the website's content
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